Data Collection, Publications, & Fire Prevention

National Fire Incident
Reporting System (NFIRS)

The SFMO is responsible for establishing procedures, standards, and guidelines pertaining to the statistical information and data reported by fire agencies through the NFIRS reporting system.

The SFMO provides technical support and assistance to fire agencies throughout Washington regarding NFIRS.

Fire Fatality Reporting

RCW 43.44 requires the chief of each organized fire department, or the sheriff or other designated county official having jurisdiction over areas not within the jurisdiction of any fire department to submit a report within two business days of death resulting occurring within their jurisdiction to the SFMO.

To report a fire fatality, complete the “Report a Fire Fatality” form and send to

SFMO Publications

Fire Prevention

The State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) assists fire jurisdictions and the Washington State Public Fire Educators Association in developing standardized education materials and programs. The Inspection and Plan Review Sections provide fire prevention education material specific to licensed care facilities inspected by the SFMO.