Our Mission

The Washington State Patrol makes a difference every day, enhancing the safety and security of our state by providing the best in public safety services.

To be the best public safety agency in the United States.

Service With Humility

Every employee is a critical member of a team committed to earning the trust and confidence of the public through:

Strong leadership
Effective partnerships
Professional excellence
Acting with integrity and accountability
Respecting and protecting individual rights
A culture of continuous improvement

Build a culture of trust, collaboration, and continuous performance improvement.

Make people safe on Washington roadways.
Make people secure by reducing the risk of crime, terrorism, fire, and other natural disasters.
Deliver results-oriented, statewide public safety services.
Improve and sustain agency infrastructure and business processes. 

Strategic Plan
The WSP Strategic Plan is an outline of goals and outcomes to help plan and achieve our mission. Please read the summary below or download the full Strategic Plan to read more and to understand our vision.

Download the Full Strategic Plan
Download the Summary Version
Check out our current Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Agency Reports
2017 Annual Report
Office of Professional Standards 2017 Annual Report