All Risk Mobilization

All-Risk Mobilization

Under RCW 43.43.961, the Fire Service Resource Mobilization Plan is implemented to provide personnel, equipment, and other logistical resources when a wildland fire or other emergency exceeds the firefighting capacity of local jurisdictions.

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  • Conditions for a State Mobilization

    A request for State Mobilization may occur when the Fire Chief has expended or will expend all available:
    • Local resources
    • Mutual aid resources
    • If a special resource is needed and is not available through existing mutual aid agreements, this may be an extenuating circumstance where mutual aid has been exhausted without having response. This situation would be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • Compliance with provisions of the Washington State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan

    When attempting to manage fires, disasters or other events that jeopardize the ability to provide for the protection of life and property, provided that:
    • The fires, disaster or other event is within a local jurisdiction boundary, or
    • Imminently threatening the jurisdiction, and
    • Identified trigger points (see definitions section) are established and reached

  • Requesting a State Mobilization

    Only the Fire Chief of the local fire protection jurisdiction or fire chief’s authorized representative has the authority to request state fire services resource Mobilization.

    1. When the conditions above have been met, the local fire chief or designee will complete the following forms:

    • Mobilization Request Form
    • Type 1-2 ICA
    • Type 3 Wildland ICA
    • All Risk ICA
    • Delegation of Authority

    2. The request will be emailed or faxed to the Duty Officer at the State Emergency Operations Center.

    3. The Fire Prevention Division will analyze the mobilization request and contact the Chief of the Washington State Patrol for approval.

    4. Once approved, resources will be coordinated and the appropriate staff will be assigned to the incident.

Mobilization Plan & Forms

Mobilization Statistics

Fire Defense Committee

The State Fire Defense Committee (FDC) serves to advise the State Fire Marshal and the Chief of the Washington State Patrol to annually review and revise the Mobilization Plan. The FDC is comprised of two representatives from each Fire Defense Region, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Department of Natural Resources, the Emergency Management Division of the Military Department, and the Washington State Emergency Managers Association.