Homeland Security Division: Assault at Colman Dock

Seattle – On December 10, 2018 at approximately 12:15 AM Washington State Patrol Vessel and Terminal Security Troopers responded to an assault of a Washington State Ferry worker at Colman Dock. When troopers contacted the suspect, a 28-year-old male he was uncooperative and required force to be taken into custody.

Medical aid was called to the scene to treat the ferry worker for her injuries. Prior to the suspect being booked into the King county jail, he requested to use the restroom. In an effort to accommodate the request, two troopers escorted the suspect into the restroom and un-cuffed him. The suspect then began assaulting the troopers that were with him in the restroom. Troopers used an electronic control device in order to gain compliance from the combative subject and end the assault. Troopers were able to successfully get the suspect back into handcuffs and subsequently booked into the King County Jail for several charges to include felony assault.

The two Vessel and Terminal Security Troopers that were handling the arrest sustained injuries as a result of the assault. They included a back injury, wrist and elbow injuries as well as facial injuries.

The ongoing construction at Colman Dock has created different waiting areas, smaller pedestrian travel areas and other challenges. The WSP Homeland Security Division would like to remind passengers to be aware of their surroundings and the changing facilities at all times in order to make transiting through Colman Dock as smooth as possible.

PDF Version of the Press Release: Homeland Security Division: Assault at Colman Dock