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Driver Safety · Motorcycle Helmets

Wearing a helmet for motorcycle riders in Washington isn't a choice, it's the law. But not just any helmet, one that has been certified by the manufacturer as meeting the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) standards outlined in 49 CFR 571.218. A helmet meeting these standards set by DOT has a sticker on the back, and inside labeling indicating the manufacturer name, helmet model, size and other manufacturing information. In addition, a certified helmet has an inner lining usually about 1 inch thick of foam, and doesn't flex as easy as the novelty helmets made of plastic.

Legal helmets are designed to save lives while others are sold as novelty items only and never intended to be used on the road. In a collision, these "novelty" helmets provide almost no protection for the rider. Unfortunately, some people are confused about what helmets are legal and safe to wear.

The Bogus Helmets Brochure will give you some insight into buying a motorcycle helmet that is legal to use and will afford you the greatest protection. If you would like some additional information, please see the related links and resources provided below.

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