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Vehicle & Driver · Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

The Washington State Patrol's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau strives to make Washington roadways the safest in the nation. Through education and enforcement, the mission of the division is to ensure compliance of the commercial motor vehicle regulations in order to protect resources, prevent accidents, and save lives.

Documents & Resources:

King County Limousine Inspections

Effective January 3, 2012, limousine carriers based in King County will need to contact the City of Seattle to schedule a limousine inspection.

Schedule a Limousine Inspection:

Go to the City of Seattle's Limo Inspections & Insurance Requirements webpage to learn how to schedule an inspection.

Other resources available at Limo Inspections includes contact information, current office hours, inspection fees, Seattle's limousine vehicle inspection form, limosuine insurance requirements, and more.

What We Do

The Washington State Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau (CVEB) actively promotes the safe travel of commercial vehicles on the state's highways through the following safety programs:

  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) certified inspectors conduct levels 1-6 CVSA North American Standard inspections. These inspections examine the commercial driver's license, medical certificate, logbook, and vehicle equipment. (RCW 46.32)

  • The CVEB, in partnership with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, works to ensure the safe transportation of school children through the inspection of over 10,000 school buses annually.

  • With the implementation of intelligent transportation technology at our ports of entry, CVEB strives to make Washington highways safe, enhance freight mobility, and increase economic interests of our state and the commercial transportation industry. (See Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Network)

  • CVE Officer Inspecting Hazardous Materials TransportThe major objective of Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) is to reduce the number and severity of commercial motor vehicle collisions and hazardous material incidents on interstate and state highways. This task is accomplished through comprehensive inspections of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers.

  • The Compliance and Review Section conducts in-depth reviews of carrier compliance with safety and hazardous materials regulations. (See Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

  • The Commercial Vehicle Division (CVD) is responsible for promoting safe travel of commercial vehicles on state highways by conducting driver and vehicle inspections and enforcing size, weight and load laws. (RCW 46.44)

CVEB is also responsible for the following functions:

  • The Tow Truck Inspection Unit inspects equipment and business records of registered tow truck operators in the state of Washington. (RCW 46.55)

  • The Fuel Tax Evasion Task Force, comprised of personnel from the Washington State Patrol and the Washington State Department of Licensing, work to educate industry and the public, investigate suspected evasion and enforce the fuel tax laws. The task force vigorously pursues criminal and civil prosecution of fuel-tax evaders.

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Permits & Ports of Entry

Trucks entering Washington are required to have permits at the border and will be placed out of service if they arrive at a Port of Entry without one. Permits are no longer available for sale from the WSP (effective July 1, 2003), so carriers should avoid unnecessary delays by planning ahead.

Truckers entering Washington may obtain needed permits from the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) during business hours (7 a.m. - 5 p.m.) utilizing a telephone and fax machine with the use of a credit or debit card. Also see the Commercial Vehicle Permitting Offices for other approved vendors who sell permits at locations throughout the state. Additionally, WSDOT also has the Online Self-Issue Permits option available on the Internet.

Washington Ports of Entry:

  • WSP ScalehouseBow Hill: 7220 I-5, Bow - SB I-5 Phone: (360) 766-6196
  • Cle Elum: 128780 West Bound
    I-90 MP 80, Cle Elum, 98922
    Phone: 509-674-9704
  • Plymouth: 133302 E Law Ln, Kennewick - NB I-82
    (509) 734-7044
  • Ridgefield: 29317 I-5 N, Ridgefield - NB I-5
    Phone:(360) 696-6049
  • Spokane: RR1 Westbound I-90, Milepost 299, Liberty Lake
    Phone: (509) 838-9400

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about regulations, equipment, inspections, or other standards for large commercial trucks and buses, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. For laws, rules, and regulations please see our MCEP page or you can contact the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau at:

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau
Washington State Patrol
PO Box 42614
Olympia WA 98504-2614
Phone: (360) 596-3800
Fax: (360) 596-3829

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Assistant Chief Jason Berry
Assistant Chief
Jason Berry

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