Tort Claims

A tort is a wrong that involves a breach of a civil duty (other than a contractual duty) owed to someone else, a personal injury, or as a civil action other than a breach of contract.  A person who suffers a tortious injury is entitled to receive damages, usually monetary compensation, from the person or people responsible — or liable — for those injuries.

Pursuant to RCW Chapter 4.92, the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and the Office of Risk Management (ORM) is required by law to receive all filed tort claims against the WSP, and/or if seeking claims of restitution for damages, from the WSP.

  • Instructions

    Instructions on how to file a Tort Claim can be located at File a Tort Claim on the DES Web Site or by calling ORM Customer Service at (360) 407-9199.
  • Submitting Claims

    Standard Tort Claim Form Packets can be found by visiting Standard Tort Claim Form Packet on the DES web site.