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Traffic stops clearly contribute to public safety. Public trust, however, is also paramount to our efforts in enhancing community-based public safety.

Law enforcement agencies recognize it is essential that the foundation of trust within all communities is predicated on policing activities that provide for respect and equal treatment under the law for all citizens. It is clear that stopping, arresting, and/or searching persons with biased intentions is contrary to sound law enforcement strategy, inconsistent with our commitment to the principles of community oriented policing, and a violation of law.

The Washington State University (WSU) traffic stop analysis analyzed traffic stops between November 1, 2005 and September 30, 2006 to investigate possible patterns of racial profiling or biased policing being reflected in the work of the Washington State Patrol (WSP). In a 72-page Traffic Stop Data Report delivered to Chief John R. Batiste, the WSU research team concludes that there is no evidence of a systematic problem with biased policing within the Washington State Patrol.

WSP Traffice StopThe accompanying 2007 Citizen Survey Results indicated, among other things, that 82 percent of those who received tickets from the Washington State Patrol felt that troopers treated them fairly.

You can view current and previous Traffic Stop Data and Citizen Survey reports from the Quick Links menu on the right.

Contact Information

Questions related to this study should be directed to the WSP at Questions or by calling:

  • Government and Media Relations Washington State Patrol (360) 596-4013

  • Michael Gaffney - Assistant Director WSU Division of Governmental Studies and Services (509) 335-3329

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