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Publications · Collision Records FAQ's

QUESTION: How do I get a copy of my collision report?

ANSWER: If you have internet access, please go to the Collision Records Section to search for collision reports online. If you do not have internet access, you can also request a collision report by mail. Write to us and provide your full name, date of collision, and location of the collision. We can also email or fax a request form to you.

QUESTION: Why do I have to pay $10.50?

ANSWER: We are directed by RCW 46.52.085 to recover the costs for searching for the record.

QUESTION: Can I go to your office and get my report?

ANSWER: Yes, you can request a collision report online at the kiosk in our lobby. We are located at 7345 Linderson Way SW, 1st Floor , Tumwater, WA 98501-6504. Our office hours are 7:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday, except for legal designated holidays.

QUESTION: Why does it take so long?

ANSWER: Troopers complete their collision reports and give them to their sergeants for approval. The reports then get sent to our office, looked over, then entered into our system. It typically takes 2-4 weeks from the date of the collision for us to receive a finalized report in our office.

QUESTON: If I need to know that you have a collision report on file, or I need the report number, can you tell me over the phone?

ANSWER: We do not give information over the phone. You can search for your report online. However, we can provide a number in the event a citizen needs the report number assigned to his/her motor vehicle collision report.

QUESTION: My insurance company says I have an at-fault collision on my driving record.

ANSWER: There is no way for anyone to tell whether or not you were at fault in a collision just by looking at your driving record. The driving record does not show fault; it simply shows you and your vehicle were involved in a collision.

QUESTION: I have a collision on my driving record; can you remove it ?

ANSWER: No, The Department of Licensing (DOL) is the custodian of your Abstract Driving Record (ADR). Unless there is a mistake on a report used to update your driving record, the collision will remain. If you have any questions, please contact DOL at (360) 902-3900.

QUESTION: If I have a mistake on my collision report, how do I fix it?

ANSWER: Only the officer who wrote the report is able to correct the report. You will need to contact the writing officer, or the investigating agency.

QUESTION: I was not involved in the collision; can I receive a copy of the whole report?

ANSWER: You can obtain the report with a subpoena or with written authorization from an entitled party; otherwise you will receive a redacted copy.

QUESTION: I have a CarFax report for a vehicle I would like to buy. I need a copy of the collision report to see what kind of damage the vehicle had.

ANSWER: The CarFax report will usually provide a collision report number. You can search for the collision report online using the number provided by CarFax. You will receive a redacted copy of the collision report. The primary objective of a collision report is not a damage report. It is a report based on contributing circumstances to help make our roads safer and there is minimal information pertaining to damage.

QUESTION: I want reports for all the collisions that occurred on 1-5 from milepost 114-116.

ANSWER: These requests are referred to our Public Disclosure Officer, Gretchen Dolan at(360) 596-4137.

QUESTION: How far back do you keep reports?

ANSWER: Our retention schedule requires us to keep reports for the current year plus six years back.

QUESTION: Can I get a certified copy of my collision report?

ANSWER: Yes, but it will take 5-7 business days to complete.

QUESTION: I received a "No Record" response from you, and I know there has to be a report. Why?

ANSWER: A collision is reportable if there is $1000 or more in damages, and/or an injury. You may need to contact the district or trooper and/or the investigating agency to ask if a report was completed.

An individual or agency can request a collision report from the Collision Records Section.

Once the officer submits the completed report, Collision Records scans and processes it into the database. It may take up to a total of 2-4 weeks before the report is available for request online or in our office here in Tumwater, WA only. WSP Districts and Detachments do not have the ability to disclose the report. Please take this into consideration when requesting the collision report.

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