Public Disclosure Requests

Request Public
Disclosure Records 

The Washington State Patrol is committed to responding to all requests for public records in a timely manner.

How to request public disclosure records

  1. Download and fill out the “Request for Public Records Form” – PDFWord
  2. Send your completed “Request for Public Records” form by mail, e-mail, or in person
  3. Once the records have been collected, they will be sent to you. Any records that are exempt from disclosure will be withheld and identified according to Revised Code of Washington, RCW 42.56. (Please note, the WSP may charge minimal fees for records, in accordance with the provisions of RCW 42.56.120. You will be pre-billed for the records.)


By Mail

Send your form to the Washington State Patrol district office responsible for handling your specific request.

You can also send a letter request with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Date of incident
  • Time and location
  • Parties involved
  • Case number (if known)
  • The investigating officer (if known)
  • A clear description of the specific records being requested

Send your written request to:

WSP Public Records Manager
PO Box 42631
Olympia WA 98504-2631


By E-mail

You can also e-mail your completed “Request for Public Records” form or a letter request (containing all the information listed above) to


In Person

Walk-ins are accepted at any WSP office location. At that time, you will be asked to complete a Request for Public Records form.


Public disclosure documents will not include conviction criminal history information. To obtain this report, please see our Criminal History Records page.

Public disclosure documents will not include a copy of the Police Traffic Collision Report completed by the officer (RCW 46.52.080). To obtain this report, please see our Collision Reports page.

Public Records Index

State law requires each public agency to maintain a Public Records Index identifying certain documents and records held by an agency. Attached please find the updated listing of Washington State Patrol (WSP) manuals and reports, as required by RCW 42.56.070 (see also WAC 446-10-050).

Below is a listing of Washington State Patrol (WSP) manuals and reports as required by RCW 42.56.070. See also WAC Chapter 446-10.

Manual and Reports List – A listing of all the manuals and reports contained in this index. (Coming soon…)
Forensic Laboratory Services BureauCrime Laboratory DivisionToxicology Laboratory DivisionImpaired Driving Section