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The Strategic Advancement Forum (SAF) is an accountability driven leadership meeting designed to bring agency Executive Staff and Commanders together every 60 days for face-to-face discussions regarding progress in meeting agency priorities. Modeled after Compstat, this performance based reporting provides each commander 20 minutes to highlight accomplishments and opportunities for improvement, as well as to engage in problem-solving discussions. The forum establishes an atmosphere of collaboration and calculated risk-taking with the overall goal of sustainable success.

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General Information

History of SAF

The development of the State Patrol’s Strategic Advancement Forum (SAF) process (Accountability Driven Leadership Model) was modeled after the COMPSTAT model created in the New York City Policy Department. The New York COMPSTAT process was operationalized through a weekly forum where Executive Staff and managers provide an oral report that focuses on how their resources are being utilized in pursuit of their goals. Typically, crime mapping and other computerized data (thus the acronym COMPSTAT, short for computer statistics) are reviewed in detail and compared to the goals. Managers are held personally responsible for the activities within their units.

Not just a traditional policing model

We believe that our Accountability Driven Leadership model embraces many of the principals of COMPSTAT. This includes new and evolving strategies to hold non-traditional policing activities (e.g., State Fire Marshal and State Toxicologist duties) to these same standards of accountability. By using accurate and timely data, effective tactics, rapid deployment, and relentless follow-up, we achieve high standards of public service.

How we benefit from having the SAF process

The SAF allows idea sharing among peers and managers and provides visible two-way accountability and communication links between managers and executive level management. The alignment of District/Division operational plans with the agency’s strategic plan creates and communicates an agency-wide vision of direction and mission, both short and long term. This equates to job satisfaction, employee growth and development, and increased productivity and creativity for future contribution to the successful accomplishment of the agency strategic plan.

Executive Management are involved in SAF

By creating a structure within which agency leaders can regularly assess performance and quickly make improvements, SAF has significantly improved the agency’s responsiveness. The participation of executive management ensures inter-bureau communication and cooperation is maintained, and keeps the administration on track to meet its goals.

SAF is being modeled in other areas

SAF is a management tool for public officials that translates into real, tangible results for citizens. Government leaders from other states as well as ours are taking notice of its success. Representatives from more than 50 government entities have visited SAF to find out how the WSP model could work for them.

Publications & Resources

Strategic Planning & Accountability Section

Contact the Strategic Planning and Accountability Section if you have questions about formatting presentations, communicating with data, charting and graphing, performance measures, using Excel and PowerPoint, projector and laptop setup, or other topics regarding SAF presentations.

Contact Information:

Washington State Patrol
Strategic Planning and Accountability Section
PO Box 42600
Olympia, WA 98504-2600


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Strategic Advancement Forum

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