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Date: August 23, 2017
Contact: Trooper Heather Axtman
Phone: 425-508-0793
Twitter: @wspd7pio

Trooper Saves Man's Life

Snohomish County -- The Washington State Patrol is crediting a Snohomish County Trooper for saving the life of a man that was suicidal.

On August 11, 2017 at 7:38p.m, Trooper Holodkov was dispatched to a man on the State Route 529 Snohomish River Bridge. When Trooper Holodkov arrived, he observed the man standing on the ledge of the northbound bridge, looking down toward the water. He approached the man and began talking with him, encouraging him to step down. The man crouched down on the ledge and as Trooper Holodkov walked up to assist him off the ledge, the man jumped over the side of the bridge. Trooper Holodkov reacted quickly and was able to grab the man's shirt, pulling him back to the ledge with one hand. The man was subsequently transported to the hospital to undergo a mental evaluation.

The Washington State Patrol's motto is "Service with Humility" and we strive to make a difference every day. The actions of Trooper Holodkov on August 11, illustrate the extent in which our Troopers are dedicated to our motto and mission even when faced with a dangerous situation. Trooper Holodkov acted bravely, putting his own life in grave danger which ultimately prevented a loss of life. His actions demonstrate the quality, dedication and decisiveness that all men and women of the Washington State Patrol bring with them to work every day.