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Date: January 05, 2016
Contact: Trooper Darren Wright
Phone: (509) 679-6228
Twitter: @wspd6pio

Motorists Urged to Use Caution During Elk Migration

Ellensburg -- It is the time of year that the animals start their migration, which means that the animals, specifically the elk are passing through the area between Ellensburg and Vantage. I-90 between milepost 130-134 is the area most affected by this large herd of elk moving through. The animals are crossing the interstate and grazing in the median area. We have seen a significant increase in elk strikes in the area (between 20-25 in the last three weeks), and are working closely with Washington Department of Transportation and Department of Wildlife to create a safer environment for both motorists and the elk. While we work on solutions to keep the elk off the roadway, we ask motorists to slow down in the area between Ellensburg and Vantage and increase following distance in case the vehicle in front of you needs to take evasive action to avoid the animals. Winter conditions are contributing to the collisions, and we ask that motorists decrease their speed even more during times of snow and fog.