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Patrol Car Collisions and the Move Over Emphasis Totals

Olympia – At 11:23 p.m, on December 7th, a driver plowed into the back of a patrol car while the trooper investigated a collision blocking the HOV lane along Southbound I-5 at Tully's.  Fortunately, no one was injured. This is the 4th trooper's patrol car hit since November 28th.

Another Patrol Car

Between 2007 and 2014, 212 Washington State Patrol (WSP) vehicles were struck while conducting traffic stops or providing motorist assistance. Three troopers and multiple citizens have been injured in collisions over the last seven years, as a result of vehicles either striking the trooper or a parked emergency vehicle.

Form October 27 to October 29, Troopers conducted a state-wide emphasis patrol to increase awareness to the Move Over Law. During the emphasis, troopers stopped and contacted over 500 violators of the Move Over Law, issuing 34 tickets and 9 written warnings.

The goal of the emphasis was to remind drivers of the law. If you see police, fire, medical, tow trucks or vehicles providing roadside assistance, making use of hazard lights, move over or slowdown. As of November 30, 2015, troopers have stopped over 3800 violators of the Move Over Law.

According to the Move Over Law, RCW 46.61.212, drivers approaching an emergency zone are required to either move over to another lane in the same direction, if it is safe to do so, or if a driver is unable to move over safely, proceed with caution and reduce the speed of their vehicle. Emergency vehicles include police, fire, medical, tow trucks and vehicles providing roadside assistance, making use of hazard lights.

This is a nationwide problem. In 2014, WSP troopers stopped over 4,000 violators of the Move Over Law.