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Welcome to the Washington State Patrol's Public Information Listserver. The department's Public Information Officers use the following statewide and regional e-mail lists to distribute information to the public and media services. Click on the map below to view the regional lists that are available for subscription.

WSP District Map

Please select a District on the map or the corresponding text link to view the ListServ subscription lists available. To subscribe to all of the available lists, please use the All Lists Form located at the bottom of this page.

All Releases Statewide:

The department's Public Information Officer uses the following statewide and regional e-mail lists to distribute information to the public and media services for all Districts in Washington State.

List Types:

There are two (2) types of media lists. Each list type is explained below followed by an example in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Media Releases

A WSP media release is a traditional press release, with letterhead and contact information, written in order to highlight an important event, program, or piece of information.
Media Release SampleAdobe Acrobat PDF Format

Press Memos

A WSP press memo is information written in block style, supplied to the news media from WSP Communications about a specific collision. NOTE: Press Memos are sent much more frequently than Media Releases. Feel free to revise your subscriptions if you are receiving unwanted Press Memos.
Press Memo SampleAdobe Acrobat PDF Format

Washington State Patrol Media Lists
Media Release Press Memo List Name
All Releases Statewide
District 1: Pierce and Thurston counties
District 2: Greater Seattle and Bellevue areas
District 3: Walla Walla and Yakima counties
District 4: Spokane and Whitman counties
District 5: Chehalis area
District 5: Goldendale area
District 5: Kelso area
District 5 List: Vancouver area
District 6: Chelan, Kittitas, and Okanogan counties
District 7: San Juan, Skagit, and Whatcom counties
District 8: Kitsap and Mason counties
District 8: Clallam and Jefferson counties
District 8: Grays Harbor, Pacific & Wahkiakum counties
District 8: West Puget Sound area
Your Name:
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If you have any questions concerning our ListServ or subscribing to any of the lists provided, please submit them to our WSP List Manager.


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