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Journal of Forensic Sciences

Forensic Laboratory Services · Library

The Forensic Science Library Services provides forensic analysts access to an extraordinary amount of forensic science literature, government reports, newsletters, and other relevant material.

Current information is a critical resource for improving awareness of developments and discoveries in the field.

The Library provides the following resources at no cost:

  • Tables of Content for all forensic science-related journals
  • New government reports pertaining to the forensic sciences
  • Controlled substance rulings
  • DEA Microgram Bulletin and Microgram Journal
  • Forensic-related databases, websites, and news stories
  • Newsletters from the AAFS, SOFT, TIAFT, ICADTS, CAC and others
  • Open-access journal articles
  • Vintage books and articles

To sign up, send an email to and request to be added to the email list.

Jeff Teitelbaum
Forensic Science Library Services
2203 Airport Way South
Seattle WA 98134
Phone -(206) 262-6027

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