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Regional Fire Services · Information & Resources

In 1993 the Fire Protection Bureau established nine regions within the state, and a deputy state fire marshal was assigned to each region. A fire training council, life safety council, and fire investigation council was established in each region. The Bureau and staff work with these organizations to provide services to the local communities and fire personnel.

Fire Code Section

The Bureau is active in developing state and national fire codes. Staff members provide consultation and technical assistance in fire safety to local and state fire and building officials, property owners and managers, architects, engineers, contractors, and the general public.

Fire & Life Safety Inspections

The State Fire Marshal's Office conducts annual fire and life safety inspections in nursing homes and residential care facilities (boarding homes). Child care centers are inspected at the time of licensing and group homes are inspected every three years. The section completes over 100 inspections a month. For further information about Fire and Life Safety Inspections conducted by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, call (360) 570-3124.

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Multi-Residential Housing Emergency Procedures

In an effort to assist multi-residential housing landlords with complying with RCW 59.18.060, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, in partnership with the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals has developed the following templates for your use.

Multi-Residential Housing Emergency ProceduresChanges in RCW 59.18.060 require residential property owners to provide written notification to tenants regarding fire protection and building safety in their building.

"The landlord will at all times during the tenancy keep the premises fit for human habitation, and shall in particular:
...(11) (+a) provide a written notice to all tenants disclosing fire safety and protection information..."

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