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If you're interested in becoming a Washington State Patrol Trooper, get connected with a recruiter in your area. Contact a recruiter if you have questions about your testing status, or what comes next in the testing process.

For any questions about becoming a trooper, including a career as a trooper, the testing process, how to apply, and more, email TrooperCareer@wsp.wa.gov.

District Recruiter Contacts

Do you have questions about the job of trooper, or what it takes to become a Washington State Trooper? There are recruiters throughout the state that are available to answer your questions.

Refer to the area map below to find a district recruiter nearest you.

District Map

District 1 - Tacoma
Desk Phone: (253) 538-3105

 Nick King
District 2 - Seattle
Recruiter: Trooper Nick King
Cell Phone: (425) 240-4224
Email: Nick.King@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Chris Thorson
District 3 - Yakima
Recruiter: Trooper Chris Thorson
Cell Phone: (509) 731-8964
Desk Phone: (509) 734-7034
Email: Chris.Thorson@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Kyle Witt
District 4 - Spokane
Recruiter: Trooper Kyle Witt
Cell Phone: (509) 723-6046
Email: Kyle.Witt@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Maurice Ball
District 5 - Vancouver
Recruiter: Trooper Maurice Ball
Cell Phone: (360) 999-0439
Desk Phone: (360) 704-2310
Email: Maurice.Ball@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Brian Moore
District 6 - Wenatchee
Recruiter: Trooper Brian Moore
Cell Phone: (509) 670-9562
Email: Brian.Moore@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Travis Shearer
District 7 - Marysville
Recruiter: Trooper Travis Shearer
Cell Phone: (425) 583-7640
Desk Phone: (360) 654-1116
Email: Travis.Shearer@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Katherine Colello-Bidewell
District 8 - Bremerton
Recruiter: Trooper Katherine Colello-Bidewell
Cell Phone: (360) 328-3741
Desk Phone: (360) 473-0300
Email: Katherine.Colello-Bidewell@wsp.wa.gov

Out-of-State & Military Personnel Applicant Recruiter Contacts

If you're from outside of Washington, or currently in the military, and you have questions about becoming a Washington State Trooper, Grant Campbell and Maurice Ball are available to answer any questions you might have.

Trooper Grant Campbell
Recruiter: Trooper Grant Campbell
Cell Phone: (253) 882-4167
Desk Phone: (360) 704-2322
Email: Grant.Campbell@wsp.wa.gov

Trooper Maurice Ball
Recruiter: Trooper Maurice Ball
Cell Phone: (360) 999-0439
Desk Phone: (360) 704-2310
Email: Maurice.Ball@wsp.wa.gov

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