• Tow Truck/Tow Yard Inspections

    The WSP conducts tow business and tow truck inspections on all Registered Tow Truck Operators (RTTO’s) in the state according to RCW 46.55. Business inspections include physical inspections of the office location as well as documents relating to the legal impound of vehicles. These documents include such things as authorization to impound vehicles, proper notification to the registered and legal owners, auction procedures and numerous other criteria. WSP also inspects the tow trucks used by RTTO’s to conduct business. At least 50% of each tow truck fleet is inspected using federally certified safety inspection procedures.

    Any tow truck/tow yard inspection questions may be directed to: Ms. Katarina Grinnell (360) 596-3809

  • Wrecking Yard Inspections

    The WSP inspects wrecking yards, scrap processors and hulk haulers across the state.  These inspections are mandated by RCW 46.80 and RCW 46.79.  These inspections include VIN verification and ownership document verification for all vehicles and/or parts that are transported to or processed by wrecking yards and scrap processors.

    The following legislative declaration outlines the reasons for this requirement: 46.80.005 – Legislative declaration – The legislature finds and declares that the distribution and sale of vehicle parts in the state of Washington vitally affects the general economy of the state and the public interest and the public welfare, and that in order to promote the public interest and the public welfare and in the exercise of its police power, it is necessary to regulate and license vehicle wreckers and dismantlers, the buyers-for-resale, and the sellers of secondhand vehicle components doing business in Washington, in order to prevent the sale of stolen vehicle parts, to prevent frauds, impositions, and other abuses, and to preserve the investments and properties of the citizens of this state.

    Any wrecking yard, scrap processor and/or hulk hauler inspection questions may be directed to: Ms. Katarina Grinnell (360) 596-3809

  • School Bus Inspections

    The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) mandates that the WSP inspect 100% of the school buses in Washington State every year during the summer and 25% of school buses during the winter.

    Any school bus related questions may be directed to: CVEO 4 Jeff Osberg (360) 596-3824

  • Limo Inspections

    For assistance in scheduling a limousine inspection (other than King County), call the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement headquarters at (360) 596-3800.

    King County Limousine Inspections
    Effective January 3, 2012, limousine carriers based in King County will need to contact the City of Seattle to schedule a limousine inspection. To schedule a limo inspection, please see the City of Seattle’s Limo Inspections & Insurance Requirements webpage to learn how.