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investigative Services · Special Operations

Special Operations is comprised of the Executive Services and Aviation Sections.

Executive Services

The Executive Services Section provides security and protection for the Governor, the Governor's family, and the Lieutenant Governor. This includes security at the Governor's Mansion. This section also provides security for visiting dignitaries as directed by the Governor or the State Patrol Chief. Executive Services personnel also provide law enforcement, visitor security, and parking enforcement on the state Capitol Campus, which includes a detachment located at the Department of Labor and Industries Building in Tumwater, Washington.

Executive Protection Unit

The Executive Services Section provides security and protection for the Governor and the Governor's family. This includes protective security at the Governor’s office as well as various venues throughout the state, the nation, and foreign countries. This section also coordinates security for visiting dignitaries as directed by the Governor or Chief. Visit the Governor at

Mansion Detachment

The Governor’s Mansion is the official residence of the states highest elected official, as well as a working office, meeting place and museum. Security is provided to the residence on the Capitol Campus by a dedicated detachment.

Capital RotundaCapitol Campus Detachment

Police services for the 435 acres, 3 million square feet of office buildings and four state parks, known as the Capitol Campus, are provided by a headquarters based detachment in Olympia. Criminal and traffic law enforcement as well as security for visitors and state legislators is provided by uniformed personnel on foot, bicycles, and patrol vehicles. Detachment personnel are augmented by additional troopers during legislative sessions to ensure elected officials are provided a secure environment to conduct the business of the government.

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Aviation Section

WSP Aviation PilotsThe Washington State Patrol (WSP) provides statewide aerial enforcement, rapid response, airborne assessments of incidents, and transportation services in support of the Patrol's public safety mission. WSP Aviation currently manages seven aircraft: 2 King Air’s, 3 Cessna 182’s and 2 Cessna 206’s equipped with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras. WSP Aviation is the Agency’s force multiplier assisting troopers, providing assistance to agency staff, and local jurisdictions in the following ways:

  • Statewide day and night aerial traffic enforcement targeting collision- causing violations known to cause serious injury and fatality collisions (Speed, Aggressive Driving, DUI).

  • Collaboration with District Field Operation Commanders and Washington State Department of Transportation to identify locations where serious injury or fatality collisions are likely to occur (“problem locations”).

  • Vehicle pursuit management reducing associated liabilities.

  • Tactical advantage to ground-based troopers providing additional safety.

  • All-hazards emergency service air operations.

  • Air transportation for the Governor, agency personnel, and other state agencies.

Aerial Speed Enforcement

The primary focus of the Washington State Patrol Aviation Section is providing aerial support of ground enforcement efforts to identify and target violations known to cause and/or contribute to serious-injury or fatality collisions. Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic collisions. WSP Aviation utilizes information gained through the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) speed studies to enhance efforts in targeted 90+ mph speed reported areas. Speed is enforced over selected areas of the state utilizing highway marks and stopwatches (time/distance speed measurement) and results in thousands of speed contacts a year, DUI arrests, seatbelt violations, aggressive driving and directly supports Target Zero; estimated revenue of $1.6 million per year from associated enforcement actions (tickets/citations). A byproduct of aerial enforcement, if planes are already up for traffic law enforcement duties, is often:

Traffic Congestion Management

Assisting public safety partners and incident response teams by locating and resolving blocking incidents on interstates and state routes. This is in direct support of the state Joint Operations Policy Statement (JOPS), a collaborative effort by WSP and WSDOT, to reduce road closure time in Washington State. On average WSP Aviation provided an economic benefit of $1.5 million and reduced traffic backup by 812 miles per year. As well, WSP Aircraft provide a rapid response mobile communications platform that provides real-time command and control information to Emergency responders. Unlike fixed base DOT cameras WSP aircraft maneuver in order to gain a three dimensional analysis of an evolving situation. DOT cameras do not assist in enforcement activities and are not able to provide resources for these efforts. While these cameras may assist with traffic observations, they are limited only to the areas where a camera is available.

WSP Aircraft


WSP Aviation provides safe and efficient transportation for all state agencies and public safety partner stakeholders including the Governor. The transportation program is an all hazard emergency resource for state government during disasters, law enforcement activities and urgent medical issues.

Supporting Emergency Preparedness Homeland Security

Aircraft are powerful tools in government emergency preparedness including public search and rescue and counterterrorism.

Other Law Enforcement Missions

  • Stolen vehicle recoveries – WSP aircraft are equipped with LOJACK and have the ability to track stolen vehicles, oftentimes revealing a larger criminal operation.

  • Fraud and tax evasion – WSP aircraft have the ability to locate, track and follow vehicles involved in fraud and tax evasion operations that cost Washington State millions while working closely with ATF/FBI and other federal partners.

  • Wildland fire management – With FLIR technology WSP aircraft can accurately spot wild fires and direct fire personnel.

  • Natural disaster assistance – During times of flooding, earthquake, volcanic disruption WSP aircraft assist in efforts to locate damaged infrastructure and citizens in need of assistance.

  • Spill response – Assist Department of Ecology and Washington State Ferries with ecological spill response.

  • Search and Rescue – FLIR technology is able to quickly pinpoint hot spots of lost or injured citizens, directing rescue personnel to their location.

Labor and Industries Detachment

This detachment provides security, protection, assistance and training to the Department of Labor and Industries office in Tumwater and the other regional offices throughout the state. The detachment investigates criminal offenses, threats, trespassing, and other violations of the law.

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