Lost or Unsecured Load

If you have witnessed or been the victim of a lost load, or observed an unsecured load, please call 911 and provide the following information to law enforcement:

• The location that you last saw the truck or trailer
• Direction of travel (toward where)
• What road or highway
• Color(s) of the truck or trailer
• License plate number
• Truck Company’s name
• What happened?
• Are you a victim or a witness?

Or you may fill out the form below. The information provided on this site will only be used to gather information to send a warning letter to the vehicle owner.  No follow up or enforcement will be conducted from information provided on this site. If you need an officer to follow up with you, please report to law enforcement via 911.

May We Contact You?
You may remain anonymous or if you would like us to contact you, please fill out the additional information below.

If you are seeking owner information to pursue restitution for damages caused by a commercial motor vehicle losing loaded materials and have the license plate number, you can complete the Department of Licensing Vehicle/Vessel Disclosure Request at, or by calling (360) 902-3770.