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Impaired Driving Section· Discovery Materials Site

Welcome to the Web Based Discovery Materials Site (WebDMS). This site provides instant access to records of the Washington State Patrol’s Impaired Driving Section including the Breath Test Program, Drug Evaluation and Classification Program, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Program and the Ignition Interlock Program.

Impaired Driving Section Training - Breath Test Training, DRE Training and SFST Training resources may be found here.

DUI Arrest Forms

Document Records:

Breath Test Program
Draeger Documents
Drug Evaluation and Classification Program
Toxicology Laboratory Division

Instrument Records:

Breath Test Instrument Records -- DataMaster and Draeger
Measurement Uncertainty Tables Notification New!
QAP Simulator Certifications
Solution Batch Certifications
Dry Gas Cylinder Search

NOTE: Older records not found on this site must be obtained from the local responsible Technician. This Web site does not contain copies of permit cards for individual operators, which must be obtained from the individual law enforcement agency with which the operator is employed.

Adobe Reader Link Icon Please note that some of the documents provided on the WebDMS site are available in Adobe® PDF format only and will require the Adobe® Reader in order to view or print them from your Web browser.

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