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Breath Test Program· Discovery Materials Site

Welcome to the Web Based Discovery Materials Site (WebDMS). This site provides instant access to records of breath test results, instrument maintenance, policies, procedures and manuals of the Washington State Patrol Breath Test Section.

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NOTE: Breath Test instrument records that are available on this web site extend back approximately three years. Some of the records found (i.e., case files) may extend back even further. Older records not found on this site must be obtained from the local responsible Technician. This Web site does not contain copies of permit cards for individual operators, which must be obtained from the individual law enforcement agency with which the operator is employed.

Notices and Updates

February 2, 2012 - The Washington State Patrol will be transitioning to a new Web Based Discovery Materials Site (WebDMS). This transition is currently scheduled for Wednesday, February 8th, beginning at noon Pacific Standard Time. Users may experience disruptions in service between noon and 3:00 pm on that date and it could take up to 24-hours before all redirects to the new site are established.

What this means for you: The new WebDMS has been incorporated into the main WSP web site. This will provide easier access to other WSP online services and information. Numerous enhancements and upgrades were also made to WebDMS to make it easier to find and download the information from the site.

Please Note: Users will still be able to access the WebDMS site from as well as
However, the address will no longer work.

For questions, please contact the Breath Test Program at

December 29, 2010 - A change has been made to the December 13th notice regarding uncertainty tables to clarify that the values described have been computed using the mean of the two breath test results. Please see the December 13th, 2010 notice for more information.

For previous notices or updates, please see our WebDMS Notices Archive page.

If you have further questions or do not find the records you are seeking, please contact the Breath Test Program (see below).

Breath Test Program - Contact Information

If you have further questions or do not find the records you are seeking, please contact the Breath Test Program at or call the Breath Test Program in your local area:

  • Burlington (360) 757-7553
  • Kennewick (509) 734-7029
  • Marysville (360) 654-1127
  • Poulsbo (360) 779-8352 ext 85122
  • Seattle (206) 720-3018
  • Spokane (509) 227-6615
  • Tacoma (253) 538-3143
  • Tumwater (360) 586-1516
  • Union Gap (509) 249-6716
  • Vancouver (360) 449-7916
  • Wenatchee (509) 682-8118

Adobe Reader Link Icon Please note that some of the documents provided on the WebDMS site are available in AdobeĀ® PDF format only and will require the AdobeĀ® Reader in order to view or print them from your Web browser.

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