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About Us · Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief is located at the Washington State Patrol headquarters in Olympia. Under the direction of Chief John R. BatisteAdobe PDF Format, the Office of the Chief oversees the services provided by the Labor and Policy Office, the Department Psychologist, and the Government and Media Relations.

The Deputy Chief reports directly to the Chief and oversees the agency operations pertaining to Homeland Security, the Field Operations Bureau, Fire Protection Bureau, Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau, Investigative Services Bureau, the Technical Services Bureau, and the Budget and Fiscal Services office.

Government & Media Relations

This division serves two distinctive functions for the Office of the Chief. The legislative liaison is responsible for coordinating agency legislation with legislators, committees, and other state agencies. The liaison also reviews and seeks input from interested stakeholders on agency legislation and answers policy questions for legislative constituents. This office also handles all statewide media relations for the agency.

Personnel assigned to Government and Media Relations provide assistance and training to the district public information officers, answer media inquiries dealing with agency policy, publish agency media releases , and monitor regional news broadcasts and publications.

Additional support services through Government and Media Relations include the WSP Staff Photographer, Video services, Equipment and Standards Review, and the publication of the departments Inside Out Newsletter.

Labor and Policy Office

The Labor and Policy Office is responsible for working with the Office of Financial Management Labor Relations Office (OFM LRO) on labor relations matters and representing the agency at Master Agreement negotiations for statewide contracts. The Labor & Policy Advisor also works directly with bargaining unit representatives and union representatives to communicate, exchange information, and respond to grievances. In addition, this office trains management representatives on bargaining agreements.

The Labor & Policy Advisor provides assistance to the Chief on policy-related matters; coordinates WSP legal matters with the Attorney General’s Office, who represents the WSP; assists with in-service and basic training for employees; and serves as a resource for managers in making policy decisions.

WSP Department Psychologist

The department clinical psychologist is available to employees and their families to provide assistance when their well-being is threatened by vocational stress. The primary responsibility of the psychologist is to counsel employees after involvement in traumatic critical incidents. The psychologist does not become involved in long-term counseling.

Budget and Fiscal Services

The Budget and Fiscal Services (BFS) is overseen by the Office of the Deputy Chief. BFS is responsible for the management of all agency financial activities and allotting the department's operating and capital budgets. The division consists of the Accounting Section, Accounts Payable Section, Budget Section, Grants and Contracts Section, Financial Systems Development Section, Payroll Section, and the Travel Section.

Accounting Section

General Accounting Unit is responsible for the accounting of all contracts and grants, miscellaneous journal voucher adjustments, distribution of Labor Distribution System (LDS) reports, and Local Fund Accounting.

Accounts Receivable Unit is responsible for cash receipts, accounts receivable collections, requests for invoices, witness fee invoicing, and miscellaneous invoicing.

Accounts Payable is responsible for auditing payment documents, grouping the information into batches, and keying the information into the statewide Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS). After all information is verified, the checks are processed and mailed.

Budget Section

The Budget Section is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the agency's budget, including budget preparation, allotments, expenditures monitoring, authorized positions, fiscal notes, and six-year vehicle and equipment replacement plans.

Grants and Contracts

The Grants and Contracts Section is responsible for coordinating grants, agreements, and other contractual documents with agency project staff, administrative staff, government agencies, other state agencies, and private organizations.

The WSP has several grant agreements with various grantor agencies to fund agency programs. All grant applications must be reviewed by Budget and Fiscal Services and the executive staff before being submitted to funding agencies.

The WSP provides many services to public and private organizations that are reimbursable, such as traffic control, escort services, radio communications services, administrative investigative services, and criminal history background checks.

The WSP frequently enters into contracts for the acquisition of goods and services; Memorandums of Understanding with other governmental agencies; providing funds to other public entities for participation in WSP programs; and various other purposes.

Financial Systems Development

The Financial Systems Development Section (FSDS) acts as an advocate for users in the development and maintenance of agency financial systems. The section also works closely with the agency's Information Technology Division in the development and maintenance of the systems.

In addition, FSDS is responsible for developing fees for services for the various sections of the agency; development of the agency's indirect cost plan; and providing necessary data to make informed business decisions.

Payroll Section

The Payroll Section is responsible for the production and distribution of all WSP employee paychecks and miscellaneous deduction checks (employee-authorized deductions made to labor unions, credit unions, banks, etc). Payroll is also responsible for collecting and reporting federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, retirement contributions, and medical aid premiums.

Other responsibilities include employee benefits such as medical and dental insurance, state life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and the Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program.

Travel Section

The Travel Section provides assistance to employees with travel vouchers and job-related moves, as well as assisting personnel with credit cards, conference, and direct bill issues.


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