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About Us·Enhanced Uniforms Development

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is looking at enhancing their current uniform by providing their officers with a wash-and-wear, multi-functional, homogenous uniform that proudly represents the best law enforcement agency in the nation. The prototype uniforms were made to match the WSP's existing uniform. There are twenty troopers across the state currently testing these prototypes.

A survey has beencreated to capture the opinions and suggestions from the citizens of Washington State. Follow the link below to share your thoughts on the current Enhanced Uniform test wear project. The survey has nine questions and should take approximately five minutes to complete. You can access the survey here: WSP Enhanced Uniforms Public Survey

For additional information on uniforms of the Washington State Patrol, browse below:

Enhanced Uniform - Blauer:

Blauer Uniforms Front    Blauer Uniforms Back

                 Click on photos to enlarge

Enhanced Uniform - Flying Cross:

Flying Cross Uniforms Front     Flying Cross Uniforms Back

                 Click on photos to enlarge