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About Us · Agency Overview

The Washington State Patrol makes a difference every day,
enhancing the safety and security of our state by
providing the best in public safety services.

Welcome to the Web site of the Washington State Patrol (WSP), one of the premier law enforcement organizations in the nation. Our Web site will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about us and the many services we provide.

The WSP is a professional law enforcement agency made up of dedicated professionals who work hard to improve the quality of life of our citizens and prevent the unnecessary loss of life on a daily basis. We will continue to work aggressively to enforce laws around the state while protecting the people of Washington from injury and grief.

The 600 or so troopers patrolling the highways every day are the most visible part of this agency, but there are also over 1,000 civilian employees who are less visible and just as important. They include those who work for the State Fire Marshal to help prevent fires in your home or workplace; those who work as technicians and scientists in our crime labs processing DNA samples to help prosecute criminal cases; and they include investigative support staff who maintain our criminal records and databases so that sex offenders don’t end up working with children.

Keeping our state safe is a huge job, even with our commissioned and civilian staff. That is why we routinely partner with other law enforcement, traffic safety, and criminal justice agencies to provide the highest quality of service to the citizens of this state.

The Internet gives us a unique opportunity to share information and ideas directly with those we serve, so I thank you and I hope you enjoy the time you spend visiting our Web site. If you have questions, be sure to let us know at

Chief John R. Batiste

Executive Staff

Today, commissioned and non-commissioned employees work in a variety of specialties and programs within the agency's six bureaus. These bureaus combine to administer the activities of over 2,200 commissioned officers and civil service personnel.

Chief John Batiste

Office of the Chief

Chief John Batiste

The Deputy Chief, Department Psychologist, Government and Media Relations, and the Labor and Policy Advisor all report directly to the ChiefAdobe PDF Format.

For additional information, please see:
Government & Media Relations | Labor & Policy Office| Rules Development


Assistant Chief Curt Hattell Deputy Chief Curt Hattell

The Deputy Chief reports directly to the Chief and oversees agency operations pertaining to the Field Operations Bureau, Fire Protection Bureau, Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau, Investigative Services Bureau, Technical Services Bureau, and the Budget and Fiscal Services Office.

For additional information, please see Budget & Fiscal Services.


Assistant Chief Ron RupkeField Operations Bureau

Assistant Chief Ron Rupke

The Field Operations Bureau (FOB) is comprised of eight districts. Commissioned troopers carry out the department's primary goal of providing a safe motoring environment for the public. They are responsible for enforcing traffic laws, investigating collisions, and assisting motorists.

For additional information, please see:
Driver & Vehicle | Special Programs | WSP Honor Guard


Assistant Chief Mike DePalmaCommercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau

Assistant Chief Mike DePalma

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau (CVEB) is responsible for promoting and educating the safe travel of commercial vehicles on the state’s highways, enhancing safe transportation of school children and protecting the state’s infrastructure. CVEB oversees the maintenance and replacement of department facilities, as well as the purchasing, equipping and maintaining all agency fleet vehicles.

For additional information, please see:
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement | Motor Carrier Education


State Fire MarshalFire Protection Bureau

State Fire Marshal Charles Duffy

The State Fire Marshal oversees the Fire Protection Bureau (FPB) and provides fire protection services to the general public, fire districts, and government agencies; regulates fireworks and sprinkler licensing; operates the State Fire Training Academy; provides a certification program through a standards and accreditation process; coordinates the state fire service resources for mobilization during disasters; and provides hazardous materials training and life safety prevention education to the public.

For additional information, please see:
Firefighters Memorial | Fire Training Academy | Fire & Life Safety Inspections


Acting Director Larry HebertForensic Laboratory Services Bureau

Director Larry Hebert

The Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau (FLSB) provides a wide range of forensic science expertise to city, county, and state law enforcement officers, assisting agencies at crime scenes, preparing evidence for trial, and providing expert testimony. The bureau oversees the State's Breath Alcohol Test Program, Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program, six Crime Laboratories, the Latent Print Laboratory, and the State Toxicology Laboratory.

For additional information, please see:
Crime Lab Division | Forensic Services Library | Toxicology Lab Division


Assistant Chief Chris GundermannInvestigative Services Bureau

Assistant Chief Chris Gundermann

The Investigative Services Bureau (ISB) provides various public services, including vessel and terminal safety; narcotics investigation and dismantling of clandestine labs; fatality, criminal, and missing persons investigations; computer forensics; Criminal Records and organized crime intelligence.

For additional information, please see:
Criminal Records | Homeland Security | Investigative Assistance | Missing Persons | Most Wanted | Special Operations


Assistant Chief Shawn BerryTechnical Services Bureau

Assistant Chief Shawn Berry

The Technical Services Bureau (TSB) oversees the agency's support services and technical systems that Washington State Patrol troopers and all other criminal justice officials use every day in protecting the citizens of Washington State. The bureau oversees six divisions, including Communications, Electronic Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management and Training Divisions.

For additional information, please see:
Communications Center | Employment | Records Requests | Training Academy

Team Behind the Badge

We have produced a video called The Team Behind the Badge Video, which provides an overview of our history and our continuing efforts to enhance public safety for the citizens of Washington State.

An alternate Adobe PDF Transcript is provided for those who experience difficulty viewing this video.

Adobe Reader Link Icon Please note that some of the documents provided on this page are available in Adobe® PDF format only and will require the Adobe® Reader in order to view or print them from your Web browser.

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